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sleeping position after iui

Sleeping Position After IUI

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Have you recently undergone an IUI procedure? Then, congratulations and all the best for a successful IUI pregnancy.

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is one of the most commonly preferred fertility treatments with a high success rate. It is fairly easy and is less complicated than advanced fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, etc.

After the insemination procedure, your fertility doctor will give you some instructions. These instructions ensure a healthy pregnancy and a high success rate.

One of those instructions is your sleeping position after IUI. You might wonder how your sleeping position can affect your pregnancy.

Let’s find out the answer to that question and discuss some of the best sleeping positions after IUI.

Sleeping Position After IUI To Increase Your Success Rate

Know that there is no proven study that shows that your sleeping position can affect the success rate of IUI. Most times, it is enough to stay in bed for a few minutes after insemination to let the sperm move deeper into your uterus.

However, certain sleeping positions can indeed facilitate the movement of sperm and improve implantation rate during IUI. These sleeping positions not only help with fertilization but also help blood flow and healthy development of the baby during pregnancy.

Below are some common sleeping positions that most doctors recommend to their patients after their IUI treatments.

Sleeping On Your Left Side

Sleeping on your left side is one of the best and most recommended sleeping positions after IUI. There are many benefits you can get from sleeping on your left side. 

  • It improves blood flow to your reproductive organs, thus improving implantation rates and facilitating blood supply to the developing embryo. 
  • It improves kidney function, promotes digestion, and relieves back pain. 
  • It puts less pressure on your vena cava, the vein that is responsible for carrying blood to your heart from the lower part of your body. 

Some studies also suggest that sleeping on your left side can facilitate the movement of sperm to the eggs, improving fertilization rates. 

Pro tips:

  • You can use a pillow between your legs and behind your back to be more comfortable. 
  • Bend your legs a little for additional comfort.

Elevated Hips

This position is best to be held immediately after your insemination. You can achieve this position by lying on your back and placing a pillow under your hips to lift them up.

This position allows gravity to do its work and ensure sperm goes deeper into your uterus and quickens fertilization. Stay in this position for 15–20 minutes after the procedure.

Stay Relaxed

The most crucial factor in IUI treatment is staying relaxed and having a positive mindset. You need good rest to stay healthy and energetic during your pregnancy.

Stressing too much and overthinking the procedure will only put you under mental pressure and affect your rest time. It can also affect your hormone levels and affect your pregnancy rate.

So, stay calm and relaxed. Your fertility doctor will ensure you have a successful IUI pregnancy and return home with a healthy baby.

Other Tips During Sleep

Your sleeping position is an important factor during your pregnancy. Here are some other tips you can follow while going to sleep after an IUI procedure.

Support Pillows

Whether during pregnancy or just any other day, sleeping with pillows always provides a different kind of comfort. You can either use support pillows exclusively designed for this or cushions or plushies you have at home.

To make your sleep more comfortable, keep your pillows between your legs, behind your back, or under your knee.

Keep Your Water Bottle With You

You will be sleeping comfortably, and suddenly, you might feel thirsty in the middle of the night. Getting out of your comfortable position can feel distressing. Keeping your water bottle with you will help you stay hydrated without moving too much from your position.

Sleep Aids And Supplements

If you have trouble sleeping, consult your doctor and take sleeping pills or supplements. Remember, don’t take pills on your own. Some can adversely affect your implantation rate. So, talk to your doctor before taking medications.

Limit Screen Time

Too much screen time before sleep can affect your sleep time. Keep your phones aside and stop using any device at least 1 hour before sleep. 

Maintain A Comfortable Sleep Environment

A calm and peaceful environment can allow for a deep and restful sleep. So make sure your surroundings are quiet, and there are no disturbances when you sleep. 

Importance Of Sleeping After IUI

Aside from comfort, your sleeping position has several benefits to your mental and physical health. Below are some of those benefits.

Hormonal Balance

Regular, timely sleep can help maintain hormone levels and improve the chances of successful implantation.

Stress Reduction

Stress can affect your hormone levels and affect implantation. Adequate sleep can calm your mind and reduce stress levels.

Immune System Support

Your body performs most of its essential functions during sleep. Having a good night’s sleep can improve your immune system, protect against infections, and improve pregnancy rates.

Cellular Repair

Your cells will do all the repair and recovery processes during sleep. This process helps maintain health and improves success rate.

Improved Blood Flow

A good night’s sleep also promotes nitric oxide production in the body, a molecule that helps dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Emotional Well-Being

Adequate sleep can help you stay calm and relaxed without being anxious or experiencing mood swings. Thus, you can be emotionally stable throughout the procedure.


Remember that your sleeping position alone does not determine your IUI success rate. There are other factors, like age, fertility, etc., that can influence your success.

Listen to your doctor’s instructions and follow them without fail. In cases of emergencies, don’t hesitate to call your fertility hospital. Stay positive and do what you have to for a successful IUI pregnancy.


It is not required to stay in bed rest for several days after an IUI procedure. You just need to stay still and lie down for some time immediately after the procedure. After that, you can resume your daily activities. However, ensure you do not engage in strenuous activities that can affect your success rate.

Yes, it is okay to bend, climb the stairs, and walk after a pregnancy. As long as you do not put too much pressure on your body, you can do any physical activity.

It is best to avoid sleeping on your stomach after IUI. Your body will put pressure on your abdomen when you sleep on your stomach. This can affect the implantation rate.

Yes, it is advised to avoid papaya and pineapples after IUI. Both are heat-producing foods and are known for causing uterine contractions and periods. Eating them after IUI can affect embryo implantation and your success rate.

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