Laser Assisted Hatching

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Assisted hatching is a method in which the embryo’s zona pellucida (shell) is opened using micromanipulation technology. This promotes uterine hatching and increases implantation and pregnancy rates. This procedure increases pregnancy rates by up to 70%.

What is LAH?

The art of hatching the embryo is known as laser-assisted hatching (LAH). Using specific laser and micromanipulation techniques, a small hole is produced in the embryo’s shell (zona pellucida). This speeds up embryo hatching and implantation. We also use the laser to immobilize sperm. By nicking the sperm’s tail, it is immobilized before injection into the egg’s cytoplasm.

 Instead of employing a micropipette, the laser beam is focused on the sperm tail, immobilizing it in a few milliseconds while causing no harm to the rest of the sperm. The laser immobilization of the sperm tail eliminates the requirement to suspend the sperm in PVP. The diode laser is also used to create a hole in the zona that allows a single cell (blastomere) to be sucked out for genetic examination.

When is LAH preferred?

When one has a firm or thick eggshell (zona pellucida).

Women over the age of 35 are advised not to use it.

Women who have frozen their embryos.

Women who have previously failed IVF attempts.

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels in women were found to be high.


  • Laser technology is employed for assisted embryo hatching to further improve a woman’s pregnancy rates. The laser beam is targeted to thin out “The ZONA” at a spot roughly 1/4 the circle of the embryo in order to aid embryo hatching. 

  • The entire procedure takes only a few milliseconds. A laser beam is directed toward the zona pellucida in order to thin it to roughly 10 microns. This weakening of the zona pellucida aids the egg to hatch.

Benefits of LAH

Compared to acidic hatching processes, this method is simple, rapid, and safe.

Since the laser's precision is pre-programmed, the entire procedure is accurate and precise.

With LAH, pregnancy rates increase from 50% to 65%.

The procedure simply takes a few milliseconds.

The entire process is automated and has fewer chances of human error.

Improves the effectiveness of IVF and ICSI treatments significantly.

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