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Prashanth Hospitals – Your Delivery Care Partner
The Prashanth Fertility Research Centre is dedicated to supporting all expecting mothers. When it comes to caring for expectant mothers, we are the best. From conception to birth and beyond, we are here to help.

Our team at Prashanth

Why Prashanth🩺


After bringing joy to more than 35,000 pregnant women, Prashanth Hospitals wishes to support you and your partner as you make the life-altering decision to start a family. We are here for you before you have a kid, before, during, and after the birth, and throughout your child’s formative years. Therefore, as soon as you learn that you are carrying a kid.
Our goal is to be by your side every step of the way during your pregnancy, from providing comprehensive antenatal care to facilitating whatever type of delivery you want or need.

Preconception Counselling

Ante- Natal Care

Recognized by NABH

High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy Complications

Delivery options at Prashanth

01. Vaginal or Normal Delivery

02. Vaginal Birth after C Section

03. Natural birth – Ball /Water Birthing

04. Vaginal Vacuum Extraction

05. Forceps Delivery

06. Cesarean Delivery

07. Scheduled C- Section

08. Emergency C- Section

09. Painless Delivery

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