Prashanth Fertility Research Centre

Endometrial Receptivity Array

Endometrial receptivity genome analysis (ERA) evaluates a woman’s endometrial receptivity at a molecular level. This molecular technique analyzes gene expression to determine endometrial receptivity. This iGenomix-patented fertility clinic diagnostic approach targets women with reproductive issues.
Endometrial gene expression diagnosis can identify embryo implantation issues before fertility treatment. Thus, appropriate fertility therapy steps can be taken as it detects endometrial disorders at an early stage. Women who cannot conceive despite normal testing should do this.
With ERA, fertility doctors can find the optimal time for embryo transfer, thus increasing the chances of implantation.


ERA is done in women who have tried and failed in multiple IVF cycles because the embryo couldn’t implant firmly in the uterine lining. The steps we follow at PFRC to conduct this procedure are as follows.

This step is an essential part in ensuring the embryo implants firmly in the uterine lining. It has shown tremendous results and has increased success rates by a great degree. 

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