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How we achieved IVF success in the first cycle for a couple from Thiruthani

People nowadays seek fertility treatments if they don’t have kids for one or two years. Can you imagine the pain and distress a couple would have felt if they did not have kids for 7 years?

This is how Hemalatha and her partner from Thiruthani visited us for their treatment. They have not had babies for 7 years and have been trying to undergo fertility treatments under a reputed fertility specialist.

That is when they met Dr. Geetha Haripriya, who visited their town for a camp. They consulted her and were suggested to undergo IVF for their infertility issues.

They came to Chennai, underwent IVF, and guess what? With Dr. Geetha Haripriya’s expertise, high-tech treatment facilities, and supportive staff, Hemalatha was able to achieve pregnancy on her first IVF cycle. The couple had twins, a boy and a girl.

The couple visited Dr. Geetha hoping for one miracle, but they were gifted with two. The IVF treatment has definitely made a positive impact on their lives, and they are eternally grateful to Dr. Geetha Haripriya for shining this wonderful light on their lives.

Double happiness for a couple from Senji, Villupuram

At PFRC, not just patients from cities and urban areas but also patients from rural and village areas visit us for our fertility treatments. This one is about a couple from Villupuram who visited Dr. Geetha Haripriya for their IVF treatment.

Mr. Hariraman and Mrs. Tamilarasi are from Senji, Villupuram. They have been having infertility problems and have been trying for years to get pregnant.

PFRC is not their first hospital. They have already tried treatment from other fertility hospitals in Villupuram, Thindivanam, and Cuddalore. They have also visited 5 to 6 fertility hospitals in Chennai, but none of those hospitals helped them get pregnant.

They visited PFRC after the referral of their friend Siva, who works in a lab at the hospital. They visited Dr. Geetha and underwent IVF for about 1-1.5 years.

During the course of their treatments, they received immense support from the doctors and nurses there. They are especially grateful to Dr. G. Gopalaswamy, who motivated them throughout their fertility journey.

After almost 1.5 years of treatment, they finally had their dream come true when Mrs. Tamilarasi got pregnant with twins. They gave birth to twin girls and are living happily in their hometown now.

How PFRC made pregnancy possible for a couple from the UK

This is the story of a couple who have come to PFRC from the UK to have a baby. Pavithra and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a long time. They work in the UK and have tried to get pregnant even there.

They have had two IVF cycles in the past at different hospitals, but they were not successful. Then, her mother researched about the hospital, and her friends and family also suggested visiting the hospital.

The couple then contacted the hospital and attended a video call with Dr. Geetha Haripriya. After the initial course of medications, they came to Chennai for further treatments.

The couple was frequently monitored and received the utmost care and attention from the staff. The staff was very careful about the injections and other procedures and helped them navigate them smoothly.

Pavithra also notes that she had a personalized treatment plan that suited her condition, and she feels that this made a huge difference from the previous treatments.

Even after embryo transfer, Pavithra was routinely monitored and was given suggestions on what to do and not do. She had a normal delivery and is now happy with her daughter Aara Santhosh.

A dream come true for Sivaranjini after 7 years of longing

A baby is always happiness, and having a baby after 7 years is an added joy. This is the story of Sivaranjini Vignesh, who has tried very hard for 7 years and finally got her dream baby with PFRC.

Before visiting PFRC, she has already tried fertility treatment at 4 or 5 hospitals. However, she could not succeed in pregnancy. She visited PFRC after the doctors from those hospitals themselves suggested this hospital.

She notes that her treatment method was unique, and Dr. Geethapriya drafted a treatment plan after a thorough investigation and case study.

There was so much positive in the hospital, and the doctors, nurses, and faculty were very supportive of Sivaranjini and helped through every step of the process.

Sivaranjini is very grateful to the hospital and feels that everyone who visits here will definitely return home with their baby; she is a testament to that.

How PFRC helped a couple overcome their thyroid condition and helped them get pregnant

The success story we will discuss now will prove to you that PFRC can make pregnancy happen for you, even with a medical condition that most doctors consider critical.

This is the story of Mrs. Sathyapraba and her husband, Mr. Balamurugan. Sathyaproba has a health condition called antibody thyroid. This is a typical thyroid issue.

Before visiting PFRC, the couple consulted around 6 fertility hospitals. But they said that the success rate might be low, so the couple hesitated and left. They even tried one IVF cycle in a hospital, but it failed.

They then visited Dr. Geeth Haripriya, who assured them that Sathya could get pregnant and started the treatments. The treatments lasted one year, and the couple noted that during the treatment, Dr. Geetha also simultaneously controlled Sathya’s thyroid levels.

And after one year, the couple succeeded in their first IVF cycle and had a healthy female baby. The couple is very grateful to Dr. Geetha for giving them their biggest happiness.

Sathya also says that from day 1 of her treatment to the day she left the hospital with her baby, Dr. Geetha gave her so much care and support. “Prashanth Hospital is synonymous with caring.” This is what the couple says when asked about their experience with Dr. Geetha and the hospital.

Happy ending for Manickam and Sangeetha from Salem

This is the story of Mr. Manickan and Mrs. Sangeetha, who visited PFRC from Salem.

They have been getting their treatments for the past year. They visited several hospitals before PFRC, but nothing suited them.

Later, they visited Dr. Geetha Haripriya and received their treatments. The couple noted that Dr. Geetha was very supportive and assured them they would only leave the hospital with a baby in their hand.

As promised, after a year of treatment, the couple got a healthy baby boy. The couple are very grateful to Dr. Geetha and all the other doctors and nurses who helped them get their dream baby boy.

How PFRC helped a Sri Lankan couple have a baby in the first cycle after 7 years of trying

This is the story of Gobitha Priya, who visited PFRC from Sri Lanka for IVF treatments. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for 7 years. They have already tried 2 to 3 IVF cycles in Sri Lanka, but they did not succeed.

They came to Chennai after a friend, who also got IVF treatment from Dr. Geetha, recommended it to them. They initially came hesitantly but became relieved after talking with Dr. Geetha Haripriya.

The costs were also affordable, making it even more relieving for the couple. Gobitha’s treatment was a success, and she got pregnant in the first cycle itself, which was a cherry on the cake for the couple.

They are very grateful to Dr. Geetha Haripriya and all the other nurses who helped them through the journey.

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