New Techniques for Infertile Couples

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At PFRC, we follow new advanced technologies to improve fertility in both men and women and increase their chances of pregnancy. We primarily follow two breakthrough techniques that have given highly positive results so far.

We, at PFRC, are the first to use a new, groundbreaking method that gives many infertile couples new hope of becoming a mother. Cytoplasmic transfer is when healthy cytoplasm from potential donors is inserted into the eggs of infertile women.

This complicated method works best for older patients whose eggs no longer work properly and for younger patients with unexplained infertility and repeated implantation failures. It can also help people who have problems with their mitochondria.

What is a cytoplasmic transfer?

The process involves using the cytoplasm of young, healthy women to revive the eggs of women who need it. The fertile cytoplasm has a lot of the factors and nutrients that are needed for the embryo to grow and implant in the uterus. This fertile cytoplasm can give a boost of energy that the embryo needs to grow healthily.

Candidates for cytoplasmic transfer

The best candidates for this new treatment method are

couples with unexplained infertility,

Women with multiple implantation failures,

infertility (2)
highly fragmented embryos,

Women with mitochondrial diseases.

older age women

This procedure is also helpful for women who had to use donor eggs before because of


previous surgery for ovarian cysts

being over the age of 38 to 40

It is also helpful for some women who don’t want to use donor eggs because they can’t accept having a baby with genes that aren’t theirs. This is especially true for educated and wealthy women.

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