Prashanth Fertility Research Centre

Breast Health Clinic

Rates of survival at various stages

Stage 1

5 year survival of 90-100%

Stage 2

5 year survival of 85-90%

Stage 3

5 year survival of 72%

Stage 4

5 year survival of 22%

Surgery - The Mainstay of Treatment

The other treatments


Hormonal therapy


Cancer care

Time is the most precious commodity

We do what we do because it makes a difficult situation easier and offers reassurance and peace of mind. We assist you in every phase of the cancer journey.
We offer comprehensive care that addresses all issues, including diagnosis, treatment, and more…

dealing emotionally with a diagnosis and a course of treatment.

counseling regarding breast augmentation

pregnancy, fertility, and menopause-related issues.

Managing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

care for lymphedema.

fears that cancer will return

services for prosthetics

Taking charge of relationships.

Specialized service

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