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keys to a Successful IUI

keys to a Successful IUI

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Hi! Are you planning to undergo IUI, and do you want to have a successful pregnancy during your first cycle? Then, this article is for you.

Undergoing an IUI treatment is already stressful enough. Doing something wrong and fearing that the IUI cycle will fail can add more stress to you. Understanding the procedure and learning some tips to increase your IUI success rate can help you have a safe and successful pregnancy.

In this article, we will discuss some effective tips for before, during, and after the IUI procedure. Follow them for a successful IUI treatment.

How To Increase Your Success Rate Of IUI Success

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a fertility treatment method that involves collecting the male sperm and injecting it directly into the uterus. The sperm will then swim to the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg waiting there.

If you wish to achieve a high success rate with your IUI treatments, you must do as much as possible. This applies to the entire course of your IUI treatments: before, during, and after.

Below is a table with some tips that you can follow to achieve a high IUI success rate.

S. No.

Before IUI

During IUI

After IUI


Avoid strenuous exercise – do mild exercises

Get enough rest before the procedure

Relax and de-stress


Eat a healthy, nutritious diet

Get ready mentally and physically for the procedure

Take the prescribed medication on time


Learn everything about the IUI process

Follow your doctor’s instructions

Avoid strenuous exercise – do mild exercises


Quit smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Notify your doctor in case of pain or discomfort

Avoid hot baths or swimming pools – prefer showers


Take the prescribed medication or supplements on time

Stay calm, and don’t panic

Stay positive and hope for the best

Tips Before Your IUI

When you visit a hospital for IUI treatments, your fertility doctor will assess your body and give you certain instructions to follow before starting the treatments.

These tips will help you prepare your body for the procedure and will increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

Avoid Hard Exercise

Not just during IUI, doing hard, vigorous exercises can affect your body and hormone levels. It is not good to be sedentary and not do any physical activities as well.

You can opt for mild to moderate exercise that will keep you moving but not put too much strain on your body. Below are some exercises that you can try.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are great exercises to improve your physical and mental wellness. They also don’t put too much pressure on your body. Meditate and do yoga asanas that focus on your lower body and pelvic areas.


Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise and gives you a full-body workout. It will also be relaxing, and the rhythm of the waves and water will keep your mind calm and relaxed.

Regular Walks

Take some brisk walks in a natural area, especially in the morning. This can lift up your mood for the day and give you a good workout.


Cycling is another great exercise that keeps your body moving while also enjoying it. Take your cycle, listen to good music, and go fo a round around your area.

Dance Aerobics

Dance, dance, and dance away! Whether you want to be professional and go for zumba classes or just want to dance in your room to some songs, dancing can keep your body moving and elevate your mood at the same time.

Have A Healthy Diet

A healthy doet is essential to give your body the necessary nutrition and energy it needs to prepare your body for the IUI procedure. Avoid unhealthy junk or processed foods and opt for healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, whole grains, etc.

Optimize Sperm Counts And Sperm Parameters

The quantity and quality of your partner’s sperm is an essential factor in IUI success. Before starting the procedure, do a semen analysis once and check whether your partner’s sperm is good and healthy. If there are any issues, treat them and then start your IUI procedure.

Tips During Your IUI

Now that you have done everything to prepare yourself for the procedure let’s look at what you should do during the procedure to ensure success.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions Carefully

Remember, your doctor knows the procedure and your body condition more clearly than you do. So, whatever your doctor instructs you to do during the procedure, do it. It will only be to make your IUI a success.

Short Overview Of The Process

Before you enter the insemination room, consult your doctor or nurse and understand everything that you will be required to do during the procedure. This will help prepare yourself mentally and prevent any shocks or surprises.

Be Emotionally Strong

No matter how much you prepare for the treatment, your emotional stability and patience are what will make you get through the procedure. So, be strong and have the support of your loved ones throughout the procedure.

Tips After Embryo Transfer

By now, you would have successfully gotten through the insemination procedure. Congratulations! Now, it is time to take good care of your body and ensure you get pregnant.

Here are some post-IUI tips you can follow to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


After IUI, your doctor will prescribe certain medications to be taken regularly. All these medications are to improve your health and increase the chances of pregnancy. So, don’t be lazy and take all those medications on time.

Follow-Up Testing

Schedule your follow-up tests with your doctor and attend them without fail. Your doctor will test your body conditions and the status of the embryo during the tests. So visit your doctor regularly.

Avoid Hot Bath

Your uterus needs to be at an optimum temperature for the embryo to implant and develop healthily. So, avoid hot baths or hot saunas in ivf as well as in IUI.

Also, avoid staying in the bathtub or swimming pool for longer periods. This can cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is best if you take a lukewarm shower.


Finally, give yourself some well-deserved rest and relax for a few days. You can know whether your IUI cycle was a success or not around the second week after the procedure. Until then, relax your body. Don’t do any rigorous activities.


You have done everything you can to increase your chances of pregnancy during the procedure. Now, the success depends on your fertility and the quality of the embryo.

Don’t worry or blame yourself if the IUI cycle fails. You can always try again or opt for more advanced fertility treatment options, like IVF, ICSI, etc. So be positive, listen to your doctor, and follow all the tips we discussed above.


IUI is mostly preferred for couples with minor infertility issues. Here are some couples with conditions eligible for IUI.
Women with mild endometriosis or ovulation issues
Men with mild sperm quality issues
Same-sex couples
Couples using a donor sperm

Follow these tips to ensure success in IUI.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Understand the procedure clearly
  • Avoid stress and stay relaxed
  • Avoid hot baths and saunas
  • Avoid smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Yes, it is best to take a break for at least a few months between two IUI cycles. Take a break, go on a vacation, understand why your previous cycle failed, and prepare yourself for the next procedure. 

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