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What distinguishes us from other IVF centres in Chennai?

The average IVF success rate you can expect from other fertility clinics is around 55 to 60%. At most, you can expect 65% success. But, at PFRC, we follow High Tech IVF methods that can tune your body and the embryo to increase your chances of pregnancy to up to 80%.

Here are some High Tech IVF methods we follow. 

Embryo glue
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
Pre-implantation genetic screening
Endometrial receptivity array
Cytoplasmic transfer
Testicular sperm mapping
Stem cell therapy
Ovarian rejuvenation therapy

To learn more about our High Tech IVF methods

IVF Treatments We follow

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Ovulation Induction

After consultation with our fertility doctors, the female is administered a course of hormonal injections to stimulate the production of eggs in her ovaries. Through this method, she can produce around 10 to 12 eggs simultaneously.

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Egg & Sperm Retrieval

Once the eggs are mature enough, they are retrieved through transvaginal ultrasound under general anaesthesia.
At the same time, the sperm is also collected from the male and is sent for a semen analysis. The best sperm are then chosen for fertilization.

Fertilization & Embryo Culture

The sperm and eggs are placed together in a laboratory dish for fertilization.
Once the eggs are fertilized, they are monitored for signs of development and checked every 18 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, and 5 days till they are ready for transfer.

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Embryo Transfer

Of all the developed embryos, the one with the highest chance of pregnancy is selected to be transferred into the uterus for further growth.

IVF Treatment Cost in Chennai

Cost of the ivf treatment in chennai will be ranging from 1.4 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs. It varies with each cases based on the unique condition of each patients. There is also some other factors infertility time period , health condition and infertility type. these could be the major factor decides the cost of the ivf treatment.

Who can undergo IVF treatments?

IVF is a better treatment option for individuals or couples with fertility problems. Our IVF treatment can be especially beneficial for men and women with the following  problems.

Men with

Women with

IVF can also be beneficial for couples with genetic issues that they don’t want to pass on to the next generation and for same-sex couples who wish to have a child of their own.

Why choose us for your IVF treatment?

Still unconvinced about choosing us. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your IVF treatments.

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With our High Tech IVF methods, we can increase your pregnancy success rate up to 85%


50,000+ healthy babies delivered.


Hi-tech IVF technologies for a successful pregnancy.

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More than 35 years of experience in the field.

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Reasonable cost.

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In-house embryologists.


24/7 support & counselling from our side.

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State-of-the-art infrastructure.

About our IVF treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

The IVF process, as a whole, is not painful, though patients may experience slight discomfort or mild side effects during the medication, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer procedures.

Due to the increasing number of successful IVF treatments in India, the demand for these treatments has also experienced a notable increase. According to research, more than 8 million babies are born annually through IVF, and around 2 million babies are born through ICSI in India.

IVF pregnancies are not considered high-risk unless the parent has an existing health condition or other factors that can weaken their body. For example, advanced maternal age, high blood pressure, or multiple births can be possible risk factors for the parent.

You can do a pregnancy test about 9 to 14 days after embryo transfer. You can visit your fertility doctor and do a checkup to see if the IVF treatment was a success.

When it comes to success in IVF treatments, the younger, the better. You have a higher chance of pregnancy through IVF if you do it before you reach the age of 35. The success rate decreases as your age increases.

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