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Symptoms Of Egg Rupture After hCG Injection (1)

Symptoms Of Egg Rupture After hCG Injection

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hCG injections are one of the best ways to stimulate ovulation and produce mature eggs. This is a good fertility treatment method for women who have almost no fertility issues other than having some minor ovulation issues.

Once you ovulate through hCG injections, you can use the chance to fertilize your egg and become pregnant. But how do you know whether you have ovulated?

In this article, let’s discuss some symptoms you can look for to know when your egg ruptures.

Symptoms Of Egg Rupture After hCG Injection

Egg rupture, also called ovulation, happens when the mature egg breaks free from the follicular structure enveloping it. Ovulation indicates that the egg is ready for fertilization. 

During egg rupture, your body will usually experience certain symptoms that can help you be aware of it. Below mentioned are some of those symptoms:

  • A slight increase in your BBT (Basal Body Temperature)
  • Changes in the color and consistency of cervical mucus (it will appear clear, thin, and more stretchy)
  • Increased sex drive
  • Mild abdominal and pelvic cramps
  • Slight bleeding or spotting due to follicle rupture
  • Sore and tender breasts
  • Changes in the position of the cervix
  • Mood swings 

Role Of hCG Injection In Follicular Study

Follicular study is the monitoring and analyzing of the growth and development of your egg. During fertility treatments, whether it is IUI, IVF, or just to study how your follicles develop, your doctor will regularly monitor your follicles. 

When your egg follicles have reached the size of 20mm, your doctor will administer the hCG injections. This injection serves as the last trigger your ovaries need to rupture the follicles and release the mature eggs. 

Based on this, your doctor can determine the right time to either have intercourse or conduct the fertility treatment, whether it is insemination or egg retrieval. 

How Long Does It Take To Egg Get Rupture After hCG Injection?

You will be administered hCG injections when the egg follicle is around 20mm in size. After that, the follicle will take around 24-48 hours (36 hours on average) to rupture and release the egg.

Sometimes, the egg might rupture even before 24 hours. So, it is best to monitor the egg follicles and take action immediately.

How Many Days After hCG Injection Can I Test For Pregnancy?

It is best to wait for at least two weeks before taking a pregnancy test.

Remember that the urine pregnancy test kits you use at home measure the levels of hCG hormones in your body to detect pregnancy. And the hCG injection you took will take at least 10–14 days to leave your bloodstream.

So, if you take a pregnancy test before two weeks, you might get a false positive result from the existing hCG levels in your body.

What Happens If Egg Is Not Rupture After hCG Injection?

Most times, your egg will rupture a few days after hCG injection, and you will be able to get pregnant after fertilization. However, if the egg does not rupture and you do not get pregnant, it might be due to other issues.

It might either be due to hormonal imbalance or due to other infertility issues. Consult your fertility doctor if you do not ovulate after an hCF injection. They will do an analysis and identify the cause.


As discussed above, you will get certain symptoms when you ovulate after an hCG injection. You can take that as an indication and make use of it to achieve pregnancy.

However, don’t worry if you don’t experience any symptoms. Consult your fertility doctor and understand the next course of action.


Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant After the hCG Injection?

You will mostly get pregnant after an hCG injection. However, if you do not, it might be due to other issues like hormonal imbalance, poor egg or sperm quality, implantation factors, etc.

When Is The Best Time To Conceive After hCG Injection?

Ovulation will occur about 24–48 hours after hCG injections. However, the sperm can stay alive in the uterus for around 5 days. So, you can have intercourse after hCG injections and fertilize your egg when it ruptures.

How Many Hours After hCG Injection Does A Follicle Rupture?

It takes around 24–48 hours (36 hours on average) after hCG injections for your egg follicles to rapture and releases the mature egg into the fallopian tubes.

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