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Modern Medical Techniques to Overcome Infertility

Modern Medical Techniques to Overcome Infertility

I understand the challenges of infertility. Let me guide you through parenthood.

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Blockage in Fallopian Tube

If you suffer from tubal blockage, IVF allows fertility specialists to circumvent the fallopian tubes. This means women can become pregnant despite issues that they may face. If one or both of the tubes are blocked, the sperm cannot reach the egg. This means that fertilization cannot happen and a pregnancy cannot be achieved. If only one of your tubes is blocked, then the fertility specialist may suggest medication that encourages frequent ovulation on the side of the unblocked tube. The treatment for blocked fallopian tubes depends on where the blockage is and how severe it is. For women with blocked fallopian tubes, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) need not be preferred as a first choice! It can be treated by cannulating and opening them with hystreolaparoscopy.

Male Infertility

Men with low sperm count may be treated with medication and lifestyle management. LAP varicocele may be considered if required.

40X Microscopic Analysis

The male constituent of the childless couple need not enter into desperation in case of issues with the sperm. The latest 40X Microscope (first in India) enables us to locate sperms directly from the testes and use it for ICSI. There are 80% success stories reported in this treatment.

Egg Freezing

One of the most significant developments in reproductive technology is the cryo-vitrification of oocytes (eggs). This “flash-freezing” technique allows the delicate eggs to be frozen quickly enough to prevent damage. The best way to preserve fertility in women is to freeze their eggs in view of certain exclusive medical conditions like endometriosis, cancer, etc., the eggs of women can also be frozen in case they opt for a late marriage or opt for a second child later. This revolutionary technique that allows us to freeze and later thaw the eggs for use in IVF cycles offers women new options in fertility preservation.

Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS)

Pre-Genetic Screening is a sure way of detecting abnormality in embryos. One cell from the embryo with a laser may be tested and abnormality detected if any. PGD is for a person who has or is a carrier of a known genetic disorder. It may be recommended for someone with recurrent miscarriage, someone who is older or whose ovaries do not work as expected, or someone with multiple failed fertility treatments.

Intra-Cytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)

IMSI injection is the latest development that deals with male-factor infertilities. Abnormal sperms could also be the cause of repeated IVF failures and miscarriages. We use a very high power microscope to magnify the sperm around 7000 times. And by this, we are allowed to choose top-class sperms for the procedure. This method not only results in good pregnancy rates but also decreases the number of IVF failures and miscarriages.


This method is similar to laparoscopy except for the fact that it is used to examine the internal portion of the cervix and uterus. It is vital in determining the condition of the endometrium and detecting abnormal uterine bleeding.

Low-cost IVF Treatment at PFRC

Thanks to technology, there are lots of ways to help people with all kinds of fertility issues. All the above modern medical technologies are being utilized and put to use by the Prashanth Fertility and Research Centre wherever it is possible in fulfilling the dreams of the childless couple to have a child in their arms. If you are concerned about your fertility and think you may have infertility issues, consulting a fertility specialist will help put your mind at ease, answer any questions that you may have, and can help you on the right path to pregnancy.

Consult with the best fertility specialist in Chennai at PFRC. With modern state-of-the-art lab facilities, a personalized infertility treatment program, an expert team of IVF specialists & best gynecologists in Chennai, PFRC offers the highest IVF success rates.

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