The Inevitability of Mother Feeding

The Inevitability of Mother Feeding

Importance of Mothers Milk 02 Aug

Importance of Mother’s Milk

Feeding the baby after delivery with mother’s milk naturally creates a loving bondage between the mother and the child. The child on its own and most inherently looks forward for the mother’s milk. In this world mother’s love and mother’s milk only are unadulterated.It is indeed the gift given by the god and nothing is equivalent to mother’s milk. 

What Are Benefits of Mother’s Milk? 

Mother’s milk makes the child ready for feeding with other food. It invigorates the immunity power of the child. It protects the child from allergic Conditions, Infections and Respiratory Problems – Etc. Mother’s milk acts as a shield for protecting the child from many of the medical Problems.

Mother’s who feed their children with mother’s milk for many years are protected from the danger of Breast Cancer, Type II Diabetes Etc. Mother feeding helps the mother’s for the secretion of oxytocin hormone which enables the uterus to contract and come back to the earlier position.Like this there are so many benefits from Mother’s Milk 

How long mother should Breastfeed? 

In View of the best ingredients contained in mother’s milk, mother feeding could be done even to the extent of five years. This long span of mother’s feeding helps the child to be with sufficient weight and the child retains high degree of IQ power and mental agility. 

What Are Vital Contents of Mother’s Milk? 

Mother’s milk is clean, safe and very much natural and Nutrients in the breast Milk helps for the proper growth of the child.Generally the Nutrients in Milk cant be measured, it’s a different feel that every women can feel herself proud to be a women like a wow moment,

On the auspicious day of mother feeding that is on the First of August, young and would be mothers should take an oath that they feed their children with mother’s milk for a longer span of time so as to make them the warriors of the nation.

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