IVF Myths and Facts You Should Know

IVF Myths and Facts You Should Know

IVF Myths and Facts You Should Know 12 Mar

A lot of people will tell you tales about IVF but don’t believe them all. Having a baby is a lot harder for some people and after trying naturally for a while, they decide it’s time to reach out and get proper help. Hi-Tech IVF Treatment is a great resource for many couples out there that are trying to conceive. IVF is not something that happens magically overnight. It takes a while for a woman to get pregnant through IVF and choosing the best IVF specialist is important as well. Read on as we debunk the most common myths about IVF and break down the facts for you.

Myth: IVF Cost - It is too expensive

Fact: IVF treatment in India is far more affordable than most other countries

With the rising infertility problems due to various reasons, there is a need for affordable IVF treatment. The IVF cost in India is affordable and economical. And as per the recent data, the IVF success rate in India is one of the best in the world, thanks to the experience of the specialists and the availability of the latest technology. Though there is no credible cumulative data available to exactly represent the success rates of IVF in India across different hospitals and clinics, it is believed to be somewhere around 60 – 70% while the global average is 40 – 50%.

Myth: Kids born from IVF are different

Fact: Every kid is unique irrespective of the way they are conceived

This holds no truth. People come up with the weirdest myths, don’t you think? A child's personality is unique and inborn, and the method of conception will not influence it in any way. The only difference that lies between the two is the way they are conceived. Rest, they are no different. In fact, IVF babies are just as healthy and adorable as other babies!

Myth: IVF means you will have multiple births

Fact: IVF doesn’t automatically guarantee twins or triplets

IFV only increases a person's chance of becoming pregnant with a fertilized egg. So don’t fall into this myth that you will end up having a lot of kids in one go when you have IVF done to help you get pregnant. The chance of having twins or triplets is higher than average but a majority of women who go through IVF treatment have a single child.

Myth: Age doesn’t matter

Fact: Your biological clock does tick

Fertility decreases steeply after the age of 37. All women, healthy or not, lose 10,000 eggs every month since birth and slow down at puberty to 1,000 per month until they run out of eggs, which we define as menopause.

Myth: IVF treatments go against nature

Fact: IVF is a boon for childless couples looking to become parents

Being able to give birth is the most natural thing in the world. Fertility treatments are there just to help someone who is not able to conceive by bypassing all the barriers causing this difficulty and let nature do the rest.

Myth: IVF doesn’t work for obese people

Fact: Women get pregnant through IVF and deliver a baby despite their weight

It is a big myth that IVF only works for people who have a healthy body shape and BMI. Women, irrespective of their weight, stand a chance to get pregnant. Although unhealthy body charts may lower egg count in some women, there is no denying that IVF is prejudiced against obese women.

Myth: IVF raises the risk of cancer

Fact: IVF does not raise cancer risk

One of the biggest misconceptions about IVF treatments is that it potentially increases the risk of women developing breast and ovarian cancer since women are injected with "extra" hormones. Again, this is absolutely false and has been proven by science.

If you’re worried about fertility or have questions about IVF facts that we haven’t addressed above, you can always contact us.

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