How to Deal with the Emotional Side of Infertility

How to Deal with the Emotional Side of Infertility

How to Deal with the Emotional Side of Infertility 04 Mar

Individuals who learn they are infertile often experience distressing emotions common. Typical reactions include shock, grief, depression, anger, and frustration and even loss of self-esteem and self-confidence. The emotions associated with infertility come both physically and mentally. The demand to have children is instilled at a very early age, often with a sense of urgency and people remind you that the "biological clock is ticking." Medical interventions offer much-needed help and hope. With advanced infertility treatments now available, we must look at the emotional side of it as well.

Physical and mental effects

Women with fertility problems may feel lonely, sad and disoriented when they receive the diagnosis. This is why it is very important to choose a fertility center with a team of fertility experts to guide you throughout the treatment, both from the physical and emotional angles. Infertility is a sensitive subject and sometimes people don’t know how to react. Relationships may suffer - not just the relationship between partners, but also the ones with friends who may inadvertently cause pain by offering well-meaning but misguided opinions. Even family members who are aware of your situation can often say the wrong thing.


Every couple dealing with fertility issues or undergoing IUI treatment or ICSI treatment rides an emotional roller coaster. It’s not unusual to grieve if an IVF procedure fails or to mourn for the family you fear you will never have. Talk about your feelings and fears to your spouse. Couples dealing with infertility may avoid social interaction with friends who are pregnant or family who keep asking about a baby.

Don’t deny professional help

Men and women react differently to the fertility challenges, and that can cause a strain on the relationship. If either or both partners find their emotions too hard to deal with, it might be the right time to get professional help. Our fertility center has expert counselors experienced in dealing with the emotions related to fertility treatment. Sometimes it helps a lot to share what you are both feeling with someone impartial and can help you cope better.

Try new activities

When dealing with fertility issues, it is quite easy to focus solely on getting pregnant and neglect other aspects of your life. Some couples find that a new hobby or shared activity helps in reducing stress.

Be kind to each other

Be nice to each other, be thoughtful.  During times like these, a little kindness goes a long way. In our hectic everyday lives, peace of mind and relaxation often get overlooked. However, your mind and body need these to gain strength. Just remember that when you finally start that family, the fun and the work is just beginning!

While there are no guarantees, scientific efforts to support the fertility of couples has progressed much in recent decades and holds promise for advances in the future. PFRC, the best fertility clinic in India, houses expert counselors for individuals and couples experiencing infertility.

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