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Does IVF Cause Cancer

Does IVF Cause Cancer

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IVF is one of the most successful fertility treatments that has been praised for helping infertile couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Millions of couples have benefitted from the treatment.

However, there are also many controversies regarding the treatment. Some believe that the babies born from this procedure won’t be healthy, and some even believe that the procedure can cause ailments like cancer.

In this article, we’ll look into this misconception clearly and clear the air regarding IVF and whether it causes any type of cancer.

Does IVF Increase The Risk Of Cancer?

To answer your question in short, NO, IVF does not increase or decrease your chances of cancer. It majorly depends on your body and any existing heath conditions.

Over the years, there have been many studies regarding IVF and the effects it might have on a woman’s body. As you already know, IVF involves a lot of medications and minimally invasive procedures.

This has been a concerning factor for several women who have been thinking of undergoing IVF to become pregnant. Especially cancers like breast, uterine, and cervical cancers have often been associated with IVF and other fertility treatments.

What The Research Says

As you can see, IVF and its chances of cancer have been a great issue for women who are and wish to undergo IVF in the future. This has inevitably led to several studies being done on fertility treatment and its cancerous effects on the body.

Some studies show that a small number of women who have undergone IVF have experienced breast and uterine cancers. However, it is only a minority among several thousand women who have been monitored.

Other studies have also shown that the number of IVF women who get cancers is no different than those who have not undergone fertility treatment.

IVF And Breast Cancer

In 2022, a group of researchers conducted extensive research on IVF and its chances of causing breast cancer. Here are what they found.

  • The study revealed that IVF has no significant association with breast cancer. 
  • They also studied whether IVF can increase the chances of breast cancer, but it did not. 
  • They also concluded that the drugs used during IVF, like Clomid, hCG injections, progesterone, etc., did not have any effect on breast cancer.

So, there is no need for you to worry whether IVF treatments will cause breast cancer. 

IVF And Endometrial Or Uterine Cancer

More than any other type of cancer, IVF has often been associated with an increased risk of endometrial or uterine cancers. There have been some cases where women who have undergone IVF treatments for a long time have had an increased chance of getting this cancer.

This is mostly caused by routine checkups, ultrasounds, and hormonal medications that affect your endometrium and uterine lining. However, you should remember one point: the studies only proved that women have an increased “chance” of endometrial or uterine cancer. It does not say women will surely get this cancer if they undergo IVF.

IVF And Cervical Cancer

Contrary to other types of cancers, which some believe IVF can cause, studies have shown IVF to decrease the chances of cervical cancers in women.

This is majorly attributed to the regular pap smears you undergo as part of your fertility evaluation. These tests can help in the early detection and treatment of cervical cancers. Thus decreasing the chances of cervical cancer in women undergoing IVF.

IVF And Colon Cancer

Like most other cancers, there is no definite evidence to prove that IVF can cause colon cancer. Though some studies prove that IVF treatments can increase the chances of colon cancer, some other studies show that IVF does not have any cancerous effect on your body.


In conclusion, there is no definite evidence that proves that IVF can cause cancer in women. Remember that most times, cancer is the result of one’s own health and body conditions.

If you have certain concerns regarding undergoing IVF, you can discuss this in detail with the doctors in your chosen fertility hospital before starting the treatments.


There is no strong or proven link between IVF and ovarian cancer. However, some studies show that IVF women have a slightly increased chance of ovarian cancer than women who did not undergo the procedure.

This is one major concern that many women have regarding IVF. However, IVF has not been proven to cause any health issues in your later life. So it is safe to undergo.

No, in most cases, IVF babies are said to be as healthy and well as any naturally born babies. They might be slightly at a higher risk of diseases, but they are most certainly not born with one. 

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